Frequently Asked Questions

Is pricing per person?

Yes.  Unless otherwise noted, all pricing is per person based on double occupancy (two passengers) sharing the same cabin. Prices are available for 3rd & 4th travelers in some cabin category types.

Why does this cruise cost more than I see on the cruise line website?

It’s a great question and we don’t mind answering. There are a few reasons why the pricing is different.

Most of the pricing you see advertised is to grab your attention. Most often the “cheap” rates are for only a very limited number of cabins with many passenger purchase restrictions.
We’re doing more than the “normal” cruise goer will be doing. We have TWO exclusive shows featuring Billy Yates & Clay Cooper that “normal” guests won’t be able to access.  We have TWO hosted cocktail parties giving you great opportunity to not only meet Clay & Billy, but hang out and talk with them as well.  There are other awesome surprises in store for you that the regular cruise goers won’t experience – we just can’t give you all the details yet.
While modestly priced, there are several expenses associated with a VIP specialty cruise. Bear in mind – Branson Ticket & Travel respects your discretionary spending and will always provide you the most value for each dollar spent.  
Rest assure, VIP events will not be made available to any person onboard the ship that is not a part of the BT&T specialty cruise 

Could I book my cruise and just pay extra to join the special events?

No. This specialty cruise must be booked entirely through Branson Ticket & Travel.

What are Taxes & Fees?

They are INCLUDED in your BT&T specialty cruise.  You’ll hear people talk about high taxes and International port fee charges.  By traveling with Branson Ticket & Travel, it takes the worry away. We’ve included those in your cruise price.  


Can you book my flights and pre/post cruise hotel?

Absolutely! Branson Ticket & Travel excels in customer service.

May I use a credit card for my payment?

Yes, but only when speaking with a BT&T representative.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.For your security and protection, Branson Ticket & Travel will never ask you to submit your credit card information online.




What is the payment & cancellation policy?

For your privacy and protection, a BT&T staff person will contact you for your payment information.   Payment policy is as follows:                                                                                                                                               


Due Date:


Cancellation Date

Cancellation Penalty


Upon Booking

Before June 1st, 2020



June 1st, 2020

Before September 30th, 2020



October 1st , 2020

After September 30th, 2020

No Refunds


Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend that you purchase coverage.  When traveling, chances are you’re out of your medical insurance network. Costs for care when traveling abroad can be staggering. Travel insurance protects you from those costs as well as unexpected costs associated from lost luggage, missed connections, even trip cancellation. Travel protection premiums are based on the age of the guest and the cost of the trip. We’ll be happy to help you find the coverage that is right for you.

Do I need a passport?

Technically, no. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend a passport for anyone who travels outside the United States. At any port of call you may be required to present a passport or a combination of approved documents when embarking or disembarking. Also, in the unlikely event that you have to return to the US unexpectedly, (a medical emergency, missed embarkment, or if you need to fly home mid-cruise due to an emergency) re-entry into the Country will be difficult without a passport or visa.  If you do opt to travel without a passport, please see this website for more information.  

I want to go, but I have some mobility issues. What should I do?

From time to time, we all need a little extra help.  If your traveling companion can assist you with personal needs, we can find the perfect stateroom that’s modified for guests with disabilities. Wheelchair and motorized scooters are available for rent.  Branson Ticket & Travel specializes in customer careand will be happy to help find the perfect accommodations for you.

When do we board?

Typically, boarding begins five hours prior to sailing. All passengers must be checked in at least 90 minutes prior to sailing.


Do I need cash or currency on the ship?

It’s even easier! Anything you purchase on the ship will be charged to your room through the card you use when you do your “Sign & Sail” check-in.  You can use cash or foreign currency when in port, although most merchants world-wide accept credit / debit cards.  If you do want to travel with cash, most ships have safes in each passenger cabin or a safety deposit box at the Guest Services desk.

Are there things for kids to do on the ship?

Absolutely! Branson LOVES families and so does Royal Caribbean! There are several special activities and age appropriate programs provided each day. Check out the variety of activities at  

Are meals included in my cruise price?

Yes. Meals are included while on the ship. There’s a great selection of taste temptations offered 24/7.  

When & who should I tip?

Your Branson Ticket & Travel package includes all the standard gratuities. Of course, when you receive outstanding service, an additional gratuity is always appreciated.  


Is there internet service available onboard ship?

You have a variety of options to stay connected, but there IS a fee associated. You can add this amenity at a discounted rate to your individual reservation or stateroom when you do your “Sign & Sail” check-in.

Will my cell phone work on the ship?  

Yes. However, International Roaming rates will apply.  Be sure to check with your cellphone provider for rates & fees associated with traveling abroad.  


What if I get sick while I’m on the ship?

Medical care from a qualified Doctor and nurse on staff will be on call 24/7.  A professional fee will apply for medical care received.